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Kerala, situated on the South-western tip of India, enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Asia. , Kerala was selected by "National Geographic Traveler" as one of the 50 destinations and one of the thirteen paradises in the world Calm climate, tranquil beaches, backwaters, Hill stations and exotic wildlife are the main features of these territories. A unique feature of Kerala is that most of the destinations here are just two- four hour drive on the other destination Classical art forms, colorful festivals, exotic dishes are some of the wonders that await travelers. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine and panchakarma, and regeneration therapy in Ayurveda have also helped Kerala to gain the global reputation as a world worth visiting destinations The season doesn't end in Kerala, thanks to the climate and numerous festivals and events


Kerala's history is closely linked to trade, which was until recent times revolve around the spice trade. Celebrated as the Spice coast in "India", ancient Kerala played host to travelers and traders from across the world including the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, French and British. Almost all left their mark on this earth in some form or another-architecture, cuisine, literature

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Kochi or Cochin is a tourist paradise. Lush mangrove trees, coconut trees which are reflected in the clear waters of the backwaters and the cathedrals , oldest churches, world famous ports-tourists on tours of Cochin will find all this and more. Flanked by the Western Ghats on the East and the beautiful view of the Arabian Sea in the West, Kochi strategically very commercial zone was important and attractive tourist destination since ancient times. the tradition and reputation of this port are maintained till now.

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Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary are Tiger, elephant reservoir, located in the districts of pathanamthitta and idukki in Kerala. This protected place is spread over an area of 357 square miles Core area, and spread over 140 square miles, known as Periyar. National Park, Thekkady is an important tourist site in Kerala. This Park and the campus is surrounded by the hills of cardamom. Comfortable temperature remains more or less across the year, making it one of the most important destinations in South India. You will find all kinds of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and fish here. If you want to see elephants, Tigers, foxes and wild dogs, and many other animals in one place.

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Alappuzha is known as Alleppey, district in Kerala. This is the oldest planned city in this region and a lighthouse built on the coast of the city is the first of its kind along the Arabian coast Alappuzha is an famous tourist destination for its picturesque canals, backwaters, beaches and lagoons in India. Described as one the places known as the " Venice of the East" by Lord Curzon. A journey in the house boat in the like an exhilarating experience. It connects kumarakom and cochin are other famous sites in the State. Alappuzha is also the places which crowd of people are reaching for the annual "boat race", held on the Lake near Alappuzha, on the second Saturday of August each year, and is the most famous and popular boat races in India

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Kumarakom is the beautiful peninsula overlooking the Lake takes you to the heart of the scenic Lake where you'll come across a lot of traditional country crafts ,boats and canoes. Freshwater in the lake runs into to the Mainland making labyrinth of lakes, canals and waterways. Its features are a variety of animal and plant species. It is also the nearest railway station in kumarakom. Some of the most popular places to visit in kumarakom Lake and waterfall aruvikuzi, kumarakom bird sanctuary, kumarakom Beach, as well as back waters areas, Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple, Mosque, Museum, among other things

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Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach known as "paradise of the south ". Kovalam is only 16 km away from Trivandrum, capital of Kerala. Kovalam is a beach resort which have greenery and pleasant climate. It is Great area for tourists from worldwide. With a high rock with calm blue waters, Kovalam is developed from among the last three decades, and now figures prominently on the world tourism map. coconut trees and clean and calm atmosphere ideal for relaxing holidays, as the sea breeze gently play with the waves. With the climate consists, luring surroundings, soft sand, Kovalam is the perfect destination for people looking to relax and rejuvenate vacations and holidays The major three beacheshere is the beach lighthouse.

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Vynad is known as the Green paradise- the borders world greener part on Kerala. Wayanad is located not far from calicut city. It's a quiet place where interesting scenic beauty and wildlife, traditions, simplicity of virtue and beauty still blossom of mountain horizon and green glaze of attractive plants. Clean and magic and hypnosis, this land has history and mystery, culture and theory of social knowledge after being discovered. Located at a distance of about 76 km of sea shores of calicut in Western Ghats, this station full of farms, forests and wildlife. Wayanad hills are nearest to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka It is also known for its the tribal heritage is rich, agricultural prosperity, lush virgin forests, natural sources of water and hill ranges alongside the legendary tales of Valor and courage.

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Delhi became the capital of India since 1947, when India gained independence from Britain. But when India was under British rule was Delhi lead the country on orders from the British Government because of its central location and historical significance. Delhi includes many wonderful and attractive scenery such as architecture, restaurants, culture and history. Additionally, Delhi has two parts: New Delhi: Old Delhi is part of the Islamic City since it became the capital of the Islamic empire between 17 and 19, on the other hand, is a modern city where New Delhi was the capital of the British Empire since 1911 until 1947 (India's independence) as a result, the comprise New Delhi premises of his news and his old.

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Jaipur-pink city-the capital of the Indian State of Rajasthan, famous for its forts and palaces, lakes and sand and colorful culture and is witness to the architectural masterpieces of Indian art and the city in full mixed with Mughal art and rajasthan art .the city was founded in 1727, was established by Maharaja sawai Jai Singh, but now is considered one of the most important business centers in India, the city collected oddity among all discrepancies in customs and ancient Indian traditions as well as temples and palaces and picturesque buildings

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Agra city is located on the West Bank of the Yamuna River at a distance of 200 km from Delhi, capital of India. The city of Agra, the capital of prosperous Muslim rulers in India in the past, more than 350 km from Lucknow, the State capital and preferred to visit from October to March. Agra is characterized by many tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal and Agra red fort are located along the famous gardens of the Taj Mahal. The fort is considered a very important monument which going back to the 17th century Mughal, a strong fort constructed of red sandstone. Its campus includes the 2.5-square-kilometer . the city imperialism that has a large number of fictional palaces such as Jahangir Palace or private shop built by Shah Jahan .

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Mumbai is ' city of dreams '. This wonderful city is not only the financial capital of India which serves as a centre of both trade and investment, but also a cultural center. ' Some of the well-known tourist attractions in India here in Mumbai. the "India gate" is located in the famous monument built in the Hindu-Muslim styles of architecture in honor of King Georges v and Queen Mary. Take a peek into the world of Indian Cinema visit ' film city ', which is located in Gurgaon . If you want such as parks, then you must visit the Essel world, water kingdomfor a day full of adventure. Participate in celebrations of ' Ganesh chathurthi, ' sidhivinayak Temple '.

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Fort Cochin

Fort Kochi, Even A Casual Stroll Through Fort Kochi City In Kerala Is Enough To Make You Feel Transported To Another World. The Architectural Style Of Buildings And Urban Planning That Make Fort Cochin Is Distinct From Other Cities And Towns In Kerala. Since The Fort Cochin In The Possession Of The Portuguese, Dutch And The British At Different Points Of Time, The Region Still Bear The Influence Of European Architecture

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Bolgatty Palace

Bolghatty Palace is located in the Bolghatty Islands, the city of Cochin in Kerala. The Palace in the fact that it is among the oldest existing Dutch palaces built in India, during the British times

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Cochin Back Waters

Coconut trees around back water of cochin with lake water along. back water regions are picturesque for tourists. In addition to many ancient relics, such as a synagogue, Fort Kochi and Mattancherry Palace, built during the British era, and back water in the city of Kochi in Kerala is another reason to question why hundreds of tourists flocking to this beautiful coastal city throughout the year

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Mattancherry Palace

The Palace Of Mattancherry Palace In Cochin Is A Charming For Visiters. The Credits For Building This Historic Monument For The Dutch, Who Captured The City Of Cochin In Kerala During Pre-British Period

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Munnar Is Located At The Confluence Of Three Mountain Streams-Modrapuza, Nallthanii And Kundala. 1600 M Above Sea Level, The Hill Station Was Summer Resort "British Government" In South India. The Sprawling Tea Plantations And Cities Makes The Munnar The Famous Destination. Among Exotic Plants Found In Forests And Grasslands Here Is Neelakurinji . These Flowers Will Bloom In Blue Once Every Twelve Years, Munnar Is Also The Highest Peak In South India, Anamodi, Which Towers On 2695 Meters It Is An Ideal Place For Trekking

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Eravikulam National Park

One of the main attractions near munnar is a eravikulam National Park. This Park is famous for its pure and spread over an area of 97sq. km, the Park is also home to numerous of butterflies and rare animals and birds. The Park offers a wonderful view on hills and tea plantations. Neelakurinji having settlements in this part of the Western Ghats which blooms once in 12 years

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Mattupetty Dam Is Another Tourist Site In Munnar, Located About 13 Km Away From Munnar Town , Located At A Height Of 1700 M Above Sea Level, Is Known As Storage Masonry Dam And The Beautiful Lake, Which Offers Boat Rides, Enables One To Enjoy The Landscape And The Surrounding Hills. Fame Of Mattupetty Dam Is Also Due To The Dairy Farm Managed By Indo- Swiss Live Stock Project, Where One Will Come Across Various High-Yielding Breeds Of Cows

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Top Station

The top station, which is located about 32 km from munnar on the height of 1700 meters above sea level. It is the highest point on the road of munnar-kodaikanal. Travellers to munnar make it a point to visit the "top station" to enjoy a beautiful sight. one of the sites in munnar to enjoy flowers that well famous name neelakurinji

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When hear the word Thekkady we remember the images of elephants, unending chains of hills and Spice-scented plantations. In the Periyar jungles of Thekkady that is one of the finest wildlife sanctuary in India, spread across a whole region is picturesque farms and towns that enable for trekking and mountain walks