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Anjana Spices is an emerging spices company in india and fully operated spice company.We are Exporting spices directly from farmers to worldwide.Our main product is nutmeg,mace and pepper. By our large acres of land we cultivate huge amount of spices mainly nutmeg,mace,pepper and dry ginger.We have direct link between lot of spices cultivating farmers so that we get the spices in very cheap rate.We are the main source of nutmeg (afflatoxin free ) to the major netherland spices companies from india.We always provide the best quality spices.

History Of Indian Spices

Spices have been an essential part of human civilization. In the Indian civilization too, trading of spices has been integrally connected to its history. Spices were traded through India right from the time of Romans. Between the 7th to 15th centuries, Arab merchants supplied spices to Europe, and for a very long time they kept their source of spices in India a closely guarded secret. Many sea voyages set sail from Europe in search of India for its spices. Over time, spices began to be exploited commercially by foreign traders. Ayurveda believed that spices, with their medicinal qualities, could infuse health into the diet. For centuries, the social system of medicine was closely linked to the culinary culture of ancient India. Today the world of spices keeps reinventing itself and fuelling the economies of the world.

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